We make Whole Health accessible in

all communities

It starts by empowering and

equipping you

Providing education and tools

Expert Led

We empower people to realize their inner strength, ability and a willingness to leverage that strength and ability.


We help skill-building support individuals to integrate self care within their daily lives.


Peer-to-peer learning environments that help you integrate a Whole Health approach in daily work and life and empowering you to help others.

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What people are saying about our courses.

“This was well organized and a good introduction to what Whole Health is. I appreciate that it was experiential and personal - people learn from their own thinking and experiences.”

Participant - Exploring My Whole Health

"It challenged me to be more selective with my choices. I have a new perspective on how to spend my time. Each day you have 24 hours, spend them wisely because they will come and go regardless."

Participant - Taking Charge of My Life & Health 

"I came to this meeting yearning to learn more about the Whole Health Institute and what it stands for. I come away from this meeting with not only that knowledge, but also a better understanding of myself."

Participant - Exploring My Whole Health

I think a program like this should be REQUIRED for employees. There isn't a single employee that I know, whether they'd like to admit it or not, that couldn't benefit from slowing down and spending more time to focus on their overall health and wellbeing.

Participant - Taking Charge of My Life & Health 

"LOVED the breakout rooms. It is awkward at first but it is so good to connect with individuals about such important topics in a space that feels safe and risk-free"

Participant - Exploring My Whole Health