"BENTONVILLE-- People should tell their doctors their fondest dreams instead of their current aches, pains and problems, according to people launching the new WholeHealth Institute in Bentonville.

TheAmerican health care system needs a goal and an aspiration, institute founderAlice Walton told the Northwest Council, a group of business, government and education leaders in Northwest Arkansas. "It's a disease care system, not health care system," she said. The current system reacts to health problems when they arise, she said. The result is a nation first in health care spending and 37th in life expectancy, she said.

Walton announced Wednesday that Dr. Tracy Gaudet, formerly of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, will lead a new institute with the mission of changing the approach to health care nationwide.Gaudet will enlist a team to refine, implement and then expand a more dynamic, motivated approach to health care, Walton and the doctor told an audience of about 180 people at the council meeting."

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