This story was originally published by KNWA-TV and FOX24 News on January 15, 2020.

"BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — A new health institute aims to redefine the healthcare system across the Natural State and the nation.

“It’s no small undertaking and the fact we’re doing it in Northwest Arkansas speaks to the leadership here and the vision of what can happen here in Northwest Arkansas,” said Nelson Peacock, the president and CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Council.

With an announcement from Walmart heir Alice Walton herself, a new health institute will be formed in Northwest Arkansas to work on the issue of integrative health.

“I’m establishing the Whole Health Institute and Chopra library in Bentonville, Arkansas,” Walton said.

“Really to be a formulation and foundation for changing the healthcare system not only regionally across the state, but also across the nation,” said Peacock.

This approach will focus on the person instead of the disease and on aspirations instead of problems.

“How we can focus on prevention rather than kind of find it and fix it healthcare,” Peacock said.

He said to make this a reality, it’ll take the whole community."

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