Exploring My Whole Health

This experiential course invites you to pause and consider what really matters in your life, and how that impacts your health & well-being.

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About this course

Exploring My Whole Health is a 1.5-hour experience designed to guide participants in exploring Whole Health, and how it can be used to improve one’s well-being. During the course, participants learn the Whole Health approach by experiencing it firsthand. Participants are invited to pause and notice what matters most in their life - their meaning, aspirations, or purpose (MAP) - then develop a self-care goal that aligns with what matters to them. Finally, an overview of the Whole Health Institute includes next steps to become more involved with Whole Health.


As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Define Whole Health.
  2. Connect a health and well-being goal to what matters most in your life, using the Whole Health Reflection Tool.
  3. Describe the mission and work of the Whole Health Institute.

This Course Includes

1 Day
1.5 Hours
Up to 30

Things You Will Need

You will need a computer with internet access and a video camera Courses occur via Zoom and are highly experiential. Materials will be provided electronically.

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