Our team is passionate about putting you at the center of your health journey.

We work for the better health, wellness, and life satisfaction of all of humanity.

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Our Mission

Make Whole Health available to all people in all communities.

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How Whole Health began

Established in 2020 and based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the Whole Health Institute was founded by Alice L. Walton to focus on radically redesigning the systems that impact our health and well-being with the ultimate goal of making the Whole Health model affordable and accessible to all. This, together with a grass roots, community based movement will create a radical shift in connectivity, compassion, and collective humanity.

About Alice Walton
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People who care

Our team is made up of clinicians, researchers, counselors, coaches, healers, strategists, technologists, change makers and more.  At our core, we believe in having a deep and broad understanding of Whole Health and what it means to our key stakeholders. We model Whole Health in our principles, processes, and leadership with relentless focus, intensity, and inquiry. And ultimately, we are committed to making Whole Health accessible and affordable to all people in every community.