Whole Health focuses on educational resources, courses, and trainings that helps people define their aspirations and purpose. These offerings are for anyone interested in improving their health and well-being, including individuals, health care and wellness professionals, and K-12 students.

Convene & Catalyze

The Institute brings thought-leaders together to design programs and experiences with a whole health approach to daily life. Whole Health is leading a grassroots movement with Arkansas at the epicenter, while participating in the national, whole health conversation.


Whole Health Institute is partnering with health systems, employers, communities, and policy makers to develop new initiatives that incentivize healthy outcomes, scale for success, and ultimately create a regional model for national health care reform.

The Whole Health Approach

The whole health approach integrates physical, mental, and spiritual health, and supports a personalized health plan that is based on individual values, needs, and purpose. Rather than focusing on “what’s the matter with you, ”Whole Health Institute asks, “WHAT MATTERS TO YOU?”

Positive behavior changes occur when goals are aligned with what’s most important to people such as their family or dreams. The Institute creates partnerships between individuals, health coaches, instructors, educators, and medical experts, as well as health systems and communities to form support systems that make holistic health achievable and accessible.

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The Building Opens in 2024!

Construction of the Whole Health Institute facility is underway with the goal of opening in 2024. The 75,000 square-foot building includes office space and community gathering areas designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects. Whole Health Institute will be located on the campus of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The team looks forward to welcoming visitors to learn more about a whole health approach, in-person! 

A sister, non-profit organization, Whole Health School of Medicine and Health Sciences was announced in 2021 as a medical degree-granting school that will also be based in Bentonville. The curriculum will combine conventional medicine with integrative techniques based on whole health principles. Learn more at